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Thoughts on Calamities in the Philippines

If you live in Metro Manila and other affected areas of Luzon, you’re probably updated with the recent calamity brought about by the combined effects of southwest monsoons (otherwise known as habagat) and tropical storm Maring (international name: Trami). Yet AGAIN, thousands of families are displaced and are in need of help. Whenever calamities arise

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Are You A Tourist or a Traveler?

I came across this article today, and again, that need for people to distinguish a tourist from a traveler has become apparent. I’m honestly getting tired of articles like this. Who’s to say who’s better, anyway? I think it’s simply different tastes for different people. Just because your fellow “traveler/ tourist” wants to relax while

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Truth in Travel

People often ask me why after all these years of traveling, I haven’t embraced the world of free travels through blogging, media, PR, travel show, etc. THIS statement by Conde Nast pretty much sums it all up: WHAT DOES TRUTH IN TRAVEL (their tagline) MEAN? Travel Publications often accept free or heavily subsidized travel and

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