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DIY: Vertical Garden

This weekend was spent yet doing another DIY – our plant wall/ vertical garden. If you live in Manila, you have probably seen those hanging plants under the tunnels and they.are.so.pretty, aren’t they? That was sort of our inspiration for this project. And we needed 5 things: 1. Vertical Pots (These aren’t exactly cheap compared

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Gardening DIY for the Week!

Sharing with you our DIY for the week. DIY #1 – Watering Cans using our oil and fabric softener containers! I honestly can’t stand those cheap-looking plastic watering cans available at the market today. I’ve been on the lookout for those made of tin/ aluminum and it seems no one’s selling it in Manila anymore.

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Our Little Garden

I grew up in a house that constantly changed its interiors. My mother, whose forte is country style, made it her weekly habit to change something at home – reupholster our sofa, repaint our walls, change the wallpaper, construct new cabinets, mix and match the throw pillows…the list goes on. If she were to get

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