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Travel Mats For Sale!!

So excited to share our first batch of mats (only the mats are for sale. those are my pillows made from scrap cloth and old skirts, hehehe)! These mats are lined with thin foam and sack – which make them easy to clean and best of all, rocky beaches/ camp areas friendly! Here’s our first

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Portable Eco Bag

Today’s highlighted product in our travel store Practical Packer is this cute little bear bag that serves as a bag charm/ identifier. Bought in Thailand, my very own eco bag has served me in all ways possible. It saved me from getting more plastic bags whenever we shop or do groceries, but more importantly, it

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Rainy Tuesday

Undoubtedly, umbrellas are useful. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, they can save you from the fickle-minded weather. I have one exactly like the portable umbrella in the photo but in green. I use it most especially my husband and I go out to the forests because it’s small enough to fit my small beltbag/ fanny

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