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How We Spent Our Wedding Anniversary

We just turned one yesterday! My husband and I have been married for one year, and we didn’t even notice it! Time really flies when you’re having fun. Originally, we booked a trip to Paris for our wedding anniversary since we’ve never been there as a couple (he has; I have never been to Europe),

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#KasalanSaPinaglabanan, My Wedding!

This article I wrote was originally published in my sister’s blog. I was married to Charlie Fernandez last February 23, 2013. For more articles about my wedding, you can check these out: #KasalanSaPinaglabanan, My Sister’s Wedding by my sister Rica Peralejo Real Weddings by my good friend Lia Del Castillo Paula Peralejo ties the knot

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Why We Travel

*This was first posted in our wedding website for our guests. We will soon take the website down so I’m transferring the text here. They say traveling is one of the best gifts you could ever reward yourself with. And we agree. For a few years now, we’ve been on a quest to explore every

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