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Recycling on a Sunday

Today is another day full of home cleaning, organizing and recycling. I’m far from unloading all my things into my new home, so that means I see something I forgot I had everyday. This morning, I unearthed a box full of old button pins! They aren’t mine, actually. They belong to my nieces but somehow

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Saturday Project: Clean the Cabinet for Cleaning

It’s been 4 months since I got married and our house is still far from organized. For someone OC like me, this is a house crisis! I can’t stand a messy dwelling so after we got back from our more than a monthlong post-wedding trip, I’ve been busy juggling work, volunteering for cause-worthy projects, building

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Our Little Garden

I grew up in a house that constantly changed its interiors. My mother, whose forte is country style, made it her weekly habit to change something at home – reupholster our sofa, repaint our walls, change the wallpaper, construct new cabinets, mix and match the throw pillows…the list goes on. If she were to get

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