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My Weekend’s JackPOT

Just want to share last weekend’s winner piece! I purchased the teapot at a jackpot price of PHP 10. Yes, ten pesos, the same price of a small softdrink, or a short jeepney ride around the Metro! I realized that it’s just really a matter of having an eye for things. Sometimes, we spend on

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Seatizen’s Festival, An Eco-Friendly ArtFest You Shouldn’t Miss!

Hey guys! Just want to share this upcoming event with you which we are part of! I’ll be selling some things at the Sunday Market (my mats if they arrive on time!) and my husband will be teaching a class on Basic Nature Photography at 2:00 pm for only PHP 200 per participant. Proceeds of

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Philippine Independence Day SALE!

Online store CHICIFY is having a FLASH SALE today! Chicify is online store that greatly supports Filipino entrepreneurs and Philippine products. They give a chance for small brands to showcase and sell their items. Just today, they’re giving 12 items away at 12% off! Have you been wanting to get yourself that really cool bamboo

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