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Paula Peralejo-Fernandez is a part-time travel agency manager at Our Restless Feet Travel and Tours, and a full time traveler. She loves the outdoors, nature, cultural experiences, old towns, walking, vegetarian food, voluntourism, hammocks, and picnics. When she’s in town, she spends her time re-decorating her home, doing DIY projects, changing her table set-ups, buying new pots for her little garden, reading books, eating Daday’s yummy vegetarian meals, catching up on movies and series with her husband, and hanging out with her family which you can find at this blog.

She’s been extensively travelling domestic and international routes since late 2006 and though not on a rush, she is on the road to finishing her country’s (The Philippines) 81 provinces! She’s been to at least 70 for sure, but is more keen on discovering beautiful places and revisiting provinces than concentrating on the count! You can track her visited provinces and countries here.

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Instagram: @paulatheexplorer
Twitter: @filipinadiver



All texts, photos, graphics, and videos posted are made for my blog, paulatheexplorer. While I enjoy sharing inspiring stories, videos, and graphics for you guys myself, I make credit is given to whom it is due. In the same manner, I request the same from you. Should you feel like sharing my posts, photos, videos, texts, etc., I kindly ask that you do not copy-paste the whole thing without my permission and without proper credits. Kindly ensure that your reposts are linked back to the original blogpost and that the graphics/ photos/ videos/ texts are credited to the original source. I used to put watermarks on my visual works to clearly suggest copyright, but honestly, they’re much more beautiful to look at without those, right? I hope none of us here abuses the gift of easy access. If you want to use anything on my blog for commercial purposes (meaning anything that will entail profit on your end), or use anything from here for print of any kind, I humbly ask that you contact me so we can work together. I only have your honesty and integrity to bank on. Thank you in advanced, friends!

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