Family Photos in Bangkok

Last March 2015, the PERALEHOOD dream finally came true! We, the Philippine Peralehood team, were all finally able to fly together to an international destination! We scheduled it in time for my sister and brother-in-law’s birthday (which happens to be on the same day), and celebrated it in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was a really fun trip in spite all the challenges. For one, we traveled as a family BUT we all paid KKB style (kanya-kanyang bayad). Hence, major consideration on budget was made. We had to find a hotel that would cater everyone’s needs (a big bed for my sister and brother-in-law with a toddler, twin beds for my mom and brother, one bed for me and my husband, budget and location-friendly, etc). That deserves a whole new post. And the biggest obstacle for me was traveling with a TODDLER and a SENIOR CITIZEN while planning the itinerary. Should we skip the taxis and rent a van instead? Where can we go during my nephew’s nap time? Can my mom walk that far? Oh, the questions were endless. As my sister put it, imagine traveling with both ends of the spectrum! Hahaha! The Bangkok heat was not very forgiving, too, so we ended up inside cafes and malls most of the time.

Even though it was challenging, it still is one of my best trips ever – seeing that everyone is willing to spend to be with each other more is enough. Everyone had a great time eating out, shopping, taking photos, and bonding. The only major sight we actually saw was the Royal Grand Palace. Thankfully, my friend slash photographer Mia Marchadesch-Jaranilla was able to meet us there and squeeze in a family shoot even though it was crowded.

Mia’s photography specializes on natural light, so asking her to do photos for your travels or outdoor events would be great! She shoots mostly people (family, kids newborns) and food (she does food styling, too!). Though she is Bangkok-based, she does announce when she flies to Manila, Hong Kong, or Singapore so you can squeeze in a shoot with her. She was really a blessing to us, especially because it’s not everyday that we all get to travel together. Truth be told, when she asked to shoot me the first time, I told her I’ll wait for something that I’d be comfortable in, because I’m not really a fan of doing solo pictorials. So when we all decided to go on this trip, I knew I would put her offer to good use. Thank you, Mia, for being such a sport, and for gifting us memories we will forever treasure.

Enjoy the photos, everyone! She would be a great personal photographer for your travels, methinks. If you’d like to work with her or ask her to take your photos, too, kindly send an email to:



From the Peralejos (and Bonifacio + Fernandez), thank you again Mia! <3

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