My Lipstick Picks

Today, let me share a random thing: lipsticks!

I was never the type to wear full-on make up. In fact, it was only last month that I bought I my very first contouring set, and don’t even get to use it as much.

But eversince my lasik surgery, there have been no eyeglasses to “cover my face”, and so, it has lead me to putting more color on my face more often than usual. So much more I guess that my friend’s daughter asked me yesterday why I’ve been wearing make-up when I don’t need it. Naks. 🙂 I’m just enjoying the less effort in dressing up because of lasik, I guess.

Anyway, I only have six make-up basics: concealer, powder, eyeliner, blush-on, eyelash curler, and lipstick.

The powder prevents oil on my face (and when I forget this, I just use any regular baby powder hehe); my lipstick sometimes serve as my blush-on, my pencil eyeliner sometimes doubles as my brow liner, the concealer is well, needed especially when I have been sleeping later than usual, my curler is only used when I have extra space on my bag, but should I forget all of those: my secret weapon is my lipstick.

It’s amazing what lipstick can do: lipstick, it can make you feel dressed and ready to conquer the world even if you leave everything else natural and/or dull.

Sometimes, people ask me on Instagram what shades of lipstick I use, so let me share them with you.


My picks come from only from 2 brands: MAC Cosmetics, and Happy Skin!

Mac and I go a long way back. When I was still active in show business, MAC was my number one choice for lipstick (Shue Uemura for almost everything else). I love that their lipstick shades match any skin tone. Of course, over the years, their prices have gone up, so here’s my tip: I mostly buy mine from Duty Free Philippines cause the price usually comes out cheaper, hehehe.

Happy Skin, on the other hand, is a very new brand. I first tried it when we were given a lippie during THIS event, and I shared this before already and let me share it again: I fell in love with it because it really does moisturize my lips, the shades are pretty, and they don’t melt. Back story is that when my husband and I went to Florida in 2013, I bought a lippie from a London-based brand in one of the beauty stores. The lippie looks exactly like that of Happy Skin but much more expensive. Just like Happy Skin, it moisturized my lips and the shade I got was really pretty, except that it melted a few days later in Florida heat (not even Philippine heat, and it was not even summer yet in Florida!). I really thought it was a waste of money. I tried the cheaper ones from the US, too. The ones that go for USD 3 but they don’t moisturize my lips as much. They’re quite dry to be honest. So anyway, I was happy I got to try Happy Skin, because now, they’re my next go-to after Mac. I buy my loot from their online store (click HERE). PS: The Revlon collection I saw in Japan looks promising, too! I should try those next!

So, what shades do I use? Here’s my rundown:

1. MAC Russian Red – my staple red lipstick. No other red lipstick has looked as classy on me. Perfect for events, night-outs, and even daytime meetings!
2. MAC Rebel – this matte lipstick is a mix of purple and red. I love the effect on me.
3. Happy Skin Honeymoon Glow -My everyday shade. In between the shades of brown and pink. The color is subtle and is perfect for any occasion.
4. Happy Skin Sunset Kiss – when I feel like wearing something orange, I use this. Great for daytime use.
5. Just Say Yes – my go-to for pinkish hue. Perfect to that “fresh” look.
6. First Kiss – similar to Just Say Yes, just ligher. Best for when I use darker shades of blush.

So there. Hope this guide helps you when choosing your shades. Of course, it’s best to head to a physical store first, try one which ones fit your face best, then maybe later on, you can save time on shopping and just buy them online. 🙂 But…trust me on Russia Red. Just try it! Happy shopping!


5 comments on “My Lipstick Picks”

  1. Sunshine Reply

    Hi Paula. I already bought MAC Russian Red like what I said in IG. And I loooooooove it!!! Ang sabi ng bf ko kahapon, you look blooming baby… Waaaaah! Thanks for sharing it again! (This is @sinagngaraw) 🙂

  2. Jar Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Perfect timing because I bought my first happy skin lippie the other day in honeymoon glow. I also dont use make up before but I cant resist Happy Skin! Now Im excited to try the other shades!

  3. mom gossip Reply

    I love happy skin’s just say yes too. Subtle pink that can give my face a nice glow:) in mac, i love ruby woo the most. Tnx for
    Sharing your choice of lippies

  4. Karen Reply

    Mac All Fired Up, Flatout Fab and Candy Yumyum are nice too. And yes, you are right, Mac lippies sold in DF are cheapper. They’re at 20 USD. That’s where I also buy.

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