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Finally, a month later….hehehehe 🙂 Sorry, Patty!


Last month, I was one of the lucky guests of Patty Laurel for her blog launch (or relaunch, I must say). Patty and I go a long way back in the world of blogging. Back when I was blogging over at Xanga and Blogspot, Patty was blogging, too, and I’ve always liked reading her funny stories and just everyday thoughts and adventures. I’ve always loved her sense of style, too!

I stopped blogging for a long time and decided to revive it two years ago, but I admit, Patty is a lot more hardworking than I am in the blogosphere – she did not stop and her blog just kept on growing! I mean really, who doesn’t know Patty Laurel?!? It’s amazing how much following she’s grown, and all because of her hardwork. I always tell her how much I admire her cause honestly, I think she’s one of the most hardworking people I know. Sometimes, I’m the one who gets tired when I see her everyday schedule on Instagram. And to top it all off, I love that she has remained grounded and humble even though she is the queen of social media.

Anyway, it was not later on when my sister and Patty would become friends that we eventually became friends, too. I remember one time when I tweeted that I wanted to go Mongolia and she replied with something like “Can I come?” and I said to myself, looks like I found another travel buddy and loved her to death eversince. Hahaha. So far, we’ve only met up in Paris, so I guess Mongolia is still a dream for us. Hehehe.

So yeah, I’m one of those people who has seen Patty’s blog grow from diary-like entries and standard templates to….she’s right, her now #NeneNoMore blog! With the help of Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful, her blog is now…a lady! Hehehehe. Joke. Seriously though, her blog is sooooooo pretty! Sometimes, I find myself typing just cause I love looking at the layout and photos.


Seriously – isn’t it pretty? Definitely not wasting my time here.

The blog launch was held at Shine Bakery in SM Aura. When I saw it, I knew why amazing coordinator Marge Montemayor picked that spot: it was screaming seafoam all over, a color Patty has owned (hey, no one touches that color, okay? Everytime you see something pretty in seafoam hues, please tag her. Hehehehe). Shine Bakery and Cafe has pretty interiors and equally good food.

When we got to the cafe, we were immediately handed out a “Make Your Own Niqua Bag” kit (paper, sample colors, and a sample bag). We had to choose the colors to design our own leather bag by Niqua, which we would claim a few weeks later. I decided to channel my inner designer (naks, dismiss this, nagfefeeling lang ako haha) and just mix the colors I really love – navy blue, tan, and white. Click HERE to see the outcome.

ZAM_7287 copy

That’s Niqua owner Bunny checking my “design”.

ZAM_7344 copy

And this is pretty Patty showcasing Niqua’s products. The one we were designing is like the bag she’s holding on her right hand. We had to choose a color for the strap, the handle, the middle, the sides, the bottom, and even the buttons!

After testing our skills, food was served while Patty was talking about her blog’s new look. I loved that this event was just a day of celebration for Patty, seeing friends, seeing people I haven’t seen for a while (Hi Jane K! Hi Georgia S!), meeting new people (Hi Katt! Hi Stella!), and just having fun with these lovely people! The positive energy was just all over the place!

ZAM_7253 copy

Look who attended? No other than Patty’s equally gorgeous mom, Tita Leah. So sweet. And she came in seafoam!!! She told me she wanted to make Patty happy. Even I was happy for Patty.

ZAM_7184 copy

Here I am with Martine De Luna. We met years back on a project for the company I used to work for – not blogging related. But happy to be in touch with her again through social media. Follow her for pretty vignettes and all things blissful!

ZAM_7186 copy

Patty with Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast. Alessa and I are both vegetarians and we both love crafts, but I am nothing compared to her. She does amazing crafts of all sorts. Follow her to see her workshop schedules and inspiring artworks from rubber stamps to watercolors to calligraphy, etc.

ZAM_7379 copy ZAM_7376 copy ZAM_7370 copy

And then, just like the last event I attended with Patty in charge, we came home with a lot of well thought-of goodies! Patty had a raffle for different brands, but with Patty, everyone’s actually a winner cause everyone gets to win something! Hehe. I’m so lucky to have won an Oster Stick Mixer with Chopper and Whisk. Check this short VIDEO to see how we made use of it. Garlic chopping a task no more. Yey!

ZAM_7710 copy

With my fellow Oster Winners Cat Juan and Martine De Luna, two people I absolutely love for their positivity and pretty photos!

ZAM_7450 copy

My nephew Philip arrived, too, which made all of us titas happy! I love Marge Montemayor’s expression here. Photographer Zeus Martinez captured it well.

ZAM_7462 copy

Mommy-to-be (for the second time) Martine’s expression is priceless, too!

ZAM_7811 copy

Pretty Nikki Gil checking out her loot. As usual, we were spoiled by Patty.

And just when we thought the giving of goodies was over, Patty set the bar yet again – by surprising all of us and taking us to three stores around SM Aura: Power Mac Center, Kiehl’s, and Suite Blanco for a little shopping! Grabe, pwede ba akong maging Patty Laurel? Hahaha! She’s even better than my childhood Santa! LOL.

ZAM_7952 copy

Patty wins the smiling award. Pang Ms. Congeniality talaga.

ZAM_7936 copy

Gorgeous models and influencers Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Kelly Misa, Amina Aranaz, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

ZAM_7924 copy

Martine and Stella showing our newly picked up Happy Plugs from Power Mac Center. In all fairness, I’ve been using this and I looooove the plugs! As in – nothing comes between me and my music even at noisy spots! Now a fan.

ZM2_1511 copy

Family picture hehehe 🙂

ZM2_1529 copy

And now, here’s a roundup of what we received for this event with my side comments (in case you’re interested hehehe):


1. 2015 Calendar designed by Bea Marquez, printed by Print Cafe – Bea is an amazing artist, and the print is pretty!
2. Pretty Box –still designed by Bea Marquez, produced by Print Cafe
3. Havaianas Flip Flops in Tropical Print – best for city use or sandy shores
4. Basic Tops by Thread 365 – used it for birdwatching and hiking in Negros – it was actually comfortable and fabric was really breathable
5. Neck Piece and Gift Certificate from Suite Blanco – Pretty neck piece. Used my GC to get a discount from the black coat I bought. I realized their collection are really nice and more affordable than similar brands.
6. Box of Kalookies – trust me, this is good dessert! Even my in-laws loved them!
7. Happy Skin Lippie – I actually bought a different shade online just a day before the launch, and was happy to receive another color from this event. I love that their lippies have pretty shades, really moisturize my lips, and do not melt (I bought a London brand in the US one spring, and it melted in Florida heat. It didn’t even make it to the Philippines. For easier shopping, Happy Skin now has an online shop!)
8. Hair Care from Piandre Salon – Have not tried their shampoo and conditioner yet, but their DRY SHAMPOO is a winner. I used it when I did keratin treatment on my hair and couldn’t wet my hair for days. The mascara dye for white hair is interesting, too. I have yet to try it hehe.
9. White Leather Pouch with Monogram from Niqua Shop – Useful kikay kit that looks pretty!
10. Happy Plugs from Power Mac Center – Like I mentioned earlier, I am now a fan of the happy plugs. I don’t like carrying those soundproof earphones around cause they’re too bulky for me, but I found a similar effect through these.
11. Personalized Scent from BC Fragrance – smells great! I use it up to now. Love the packaging, too!
12. Sofa Design Institute Notebook
13. Personalized Notebook – still designed by Bea Marquez and printed by Print Cafe. SOOOO pretty! Nice color, style, and paper! Very Kate Spade.
14. Body Lotion and Facial Wash from Kiehl’s Philippines – I’ve been using their facial wash and so far, I like the feel on my face. Love that it’s unscented, too.
15. Personalized name papercut by Pam Arellano-Sunga -loved this the most. Hihi. Now displayed in my craft area.
Marge Montemayor coordinator who did the amazing work for this event
Zeus Martinez
– official photographer for this event
Thirty Six O – official video team for this event. You can see their event coverage here.
Shine Bakery and Cafe – where we celebrated Patty’s new blog (while eating good food)!
Of course, none of these would be possible without Patty, so Patty, I am so glad to be part of your milestones in life. Thank you for always keeping me in the loop. Like I said, of course I enjoy the freebies, but even without any of them, I truly enjoy chatting with you and your girls because the positivity is just everywhere. I know that when I go to your event, I can expect laughing faces and good vibes. Congratulations on your super pretty blog for truly, you are #NeneNoMore.



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