Posh Resort in Anilao, Batangas: La Chevrerie Resort and Spa

Last October, a month after my lasik surgery, my husband, friend, and I decided to celebrate it by visiting our partner in my travel agency, one of Anilao, Batangas’s prettiest (and newest) resorts, LA CHEVRERIE RESORT AND SPA.

La Chevrerie is a boutique resort situated along that road full of dive resorts. When I started scuba diving in 2006, Anilao, Batangas became my second home. I would go back and forth every week (or every other day when possile) for about a year or two just to dive Anilao’s rich underwater sites! And I have to tell you, back then, 95% of the resorts were all rustic and made just for sleeping and eating. After all, most of Anilao’s guests went there for diving! There were just very few resorts you could call upscale, or posh. I guess scuba diving was where everyone’s money went, cause you know, it’s not that cheap to dive. But through the years, I guess the demands of Anilao’s market have changed, and now, this new resort is the perfect mix for divers with family members who don’t dive, or non-divers who just want to go to a boutique resort to relax.

If I may be honest here, I think La Chevrerie has the nicest pool in the whole strip! I’ve been to bigger ones, I’ve seen a lot, but, I was sold into going here primarily because of that gorgeous pool you see on your screen right now. According to the couple (Fred who is French and Carmen who is Chinese) who owns it, they are divers who always go to Anilao to dive. They’ve been looking for something like this in the area but couldn’t find one, so they put together all their resources and built one. Although Fred is French, his business is mostly in Vietnam, so most of the furniture and accents you will see in the resort are from Vietnam.

Since they both love vintage posters, they decided to have them as murals. Luckily, they found a local painter in town who could do the job, and I must say, they really look pretty!

Their bedrooms are a mix of modern and eclectic style. I looooved their simple and modern bathroom, filled with Acca Kappa goodies (yes, I took them home)! As for the beds, aaaahhh, let’s just say I did not want to wake up early because of it. I have to warn you, La Chevrerie can really make you slow down. You can bring your work and all, but I’m not sure you can really be in work mode here. 🙂

I also loved that each room has a balcony/ chill area with a view of the gorgeous pool and the sunset.

It rained for awhile during our stay, and the balcony was where we hung out to enjoy the chilly weather.

We checked out their spa, too, and to our surprise, La Chevrerie made us try their signature massage! They have two therapists as of now, both are the therapists of the couple when they were still living in Manila. I loved the massage and I loved the ambiance. It was definitely a win to have natural wind and the smell of seabreeze coming in the massage room (plus the sound of nature as your background)!

The next morning asked for more chilling and relaxing. It took a while for my to get out of that hammock and take photos of the place.

Their dining area is soooo pretty, too. I definitely recommend having lunch or dinner inside, and breakfast outside with the view of the sea. I’m not really into taking food photos, so there are no food photos here, but what do you expect from a French and Chinese couple? GOOD FOOD. I also loved that they had specific meals for vegetarians.

They had a relatively huge wine cellar, too! Still decorated with a vintage poster that I really loved.

We spent the rest of the morning just hanging out, doing a bit of swimming and reading, and just really relaxing. La Chevrerie is a great go-to for people who are looking for a small, pretty place where they don’t have to do much walking to see the sights or run after kids and just really hang out with family and friends. As of now, there are only 12 deluxe rooms and 1 suite so you can expect this to be a quite place with personalized service.

My only regret with this place is that we only stayed for a night. It is a bit on the pricey side (though their upcoming dive day trips are really affordable!), but I think I will come back here for more down-time. The service, the food, the whole feel, the pleasure of a small place with few people – for me, it’s worth the price. They can arrange island hopping and dive trips (or even short hikes) for you, though. As of now, those who’d like a massage are welcome to go there, but only guests can use the pool.

Thank you, La Chevrerie Resort and Spa for accommodating us and taking care of our one night stay! Special thanks to owners Fred and Carmen, and of course, Customer Service Supervisor Ms. Maia, super thank you for all that you have done for us! If you’d like to stay here, you can contact them here:

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa
052 Brgy. Ligaya, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippine 4202
Tel #: +6343-706-7529/ +6343-706-2351
Cell #: +63998-5567357/ +63917-7033320
Email: info@lachevrerie-resorts.comOr you can also email us at Travel@OurRestlessFeet.com to request for a quote.

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  1. Kit Luclucan Reply

    Batangas was really blessed with nature’s beauty and very great people. I want to go to Anilao someday just to experience this. 🙂 Tourist either local or foreign for sure would consider going to Anilao, Batangas because of your post. Summer time is coming and for sure that a lot of foreigners are definitely craving for the Philippines’ hot weather and very joyful environment. We cannot disagree with the fact that Philippines is very popular with its beaches and very classy resorts like this, and surely they are the one that attracts them to go have fun and relaxation. 🙂

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