Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween, guys! How did the end of October go for you?

I know some of you don’t celebrate Halloween, while others go all out. On my end, I still “celebrated” it because it was an excuse for me to decorate our home – again.

With my newfound love of setting tables, my husband made sure to give me one important rule if I were to “decorate the house again”: NO SHOPPING except for food that we can eat even after October 31.

Here’s what I came up with. I am sharing the food and other photos of that day on our new blog, PERALEHOOD.COM. Please visit it! It’s a blog I made with my nieces and sister to highlight our diverse and common interests. You can find the rest of the Halloween photos I took on THIS blogpost.

Anyway, here’s how I styled the tables!Table Setting4For our main dining table, I used my ever-so-dependable black and white striped fabric, my blackboard placemats, and….my plastic Orange picnic plates and utensils! I got them as a freebie from a shopping spree a long time ago, from Kamiseta or Bayo, I think. I finally had some use for them! I kept the setting simple here – with just a jutesack (from our wedding) on the middle, 2 candles, a few birds, and 2 pieces of local pumpkins aka squash!

We have a mini buffet table right by the dining table so I covered it with a black blanket and black net (both existing in our household), topped it with an extra Chevron fabric I have, and decorated it with “caged” and free birds + pretty lamps. I used wrapping paper to cover books and use the books to give the birds some sort of layering. Okay, so we did buy something, but it was really cheap – we bought a fake rat to compliment the theme (and a few spiders, too!). I used a teacup to give the rat height, and an old jar to put the spiders in.Table Setting6

Table Setting5

For the round table we have on our patio, I used a black bedsheet, put wooden trays turned upside down in the middle to display the real gourds my mom bought for me. For placemats, I used bond paper stamped with pumpkins (I made the stamp!), and used the orange cups from the picnic set I got as freebie to give more highlight to orange and black.


And for the square table I borrowed from my mom-in-law, I still used black bedsheet with a jutesack runner on the middle, but I ran out of orange accents! So I used green and black instead.

At night, I lit up all the lamps and candles which worked great for all the tables!

So, how much did I end up spending for this? Sorry, husband, I failed a little, though with your consent. 🙂


2 pieces of squash – PHP 150
Spiders and Rat from Toy Kingdom – less than PHP 100
Gourds from Mom (bought at Cedar Hills) – PHP 180
Food for the guests – less than PHP 1000

So technically, the only thing we bought that cannot be eaten would be the spiders and rat toys, which was less than PHP 100 in total. I really love decorating using existing things as props. They’re a much bigger challenge for me, and much cheaper, too! Hope this post inspires you to work with the things you have around you. Happy Halloween!

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