Travel Tip: Cold Weather Skin Survival Kit

Having lived in the tropics my whole life, I am honestly not a fan of putting lotion on. It’s so hot and sticky. I’ve tried non-sticky oil in the past as well, but I can’t seem to make it an everyday habit to moisturize my skin. Bad, I know, and I am trying to change that cause sometimes, my skin gets so dry.

However, it’s a different story when I travel abroad and the weather is much colder, or some would say, more harsh (on the skin at least). The last thing anyone of us would want is a very dry face with a lot of breakouts, chapped lips, and itchy skin (cause it’s too dry!) You wouldn’t think it’s possible, but really, having a super dry face can be painful, too. It would be very hard to smile cause your lips crack after getting that windburn.

So, this is a mini-kit I prepare for myself whenever I travel somewhere in winter season, or even just spring or fall.

1. Face Cream – I have face creams at home but never really put them on here. I make sure to bring it with me in colder climates, though, cause of course my skin dries up much faster.

2. Petroleum Jelly – I am a fan of this product, really. I use this in case my face cream is not enough to fight the dry air. I also use it to moisturize my feet, my lips, my hands, and even my nose (sorta like my vicks!)

3. Carmex/ Aquaphor for the lips. They work for me in colder climates. The usual lipbalms still give me chapped lips. At night, before I sleep, I apply it all over my lips at generous amounts! Petroleum Jelly works, too, but I like the minty feel of the mentioned brands.

4. Body Cream/ Foot Cream – Regular lotion just won’t work. It has to be cream so it’s fuller, and well, creamier. Moisturizing yourself is the key to beating the colder destinations.

5. Face Spray – Not really needed, but I like keeping one handy. When I feel like my face is already so dry and I’m outdoors, I use a liquid moisturizing spray instead of a cream.

6. Massage Cream – usually in the form of some sort of menthol, it soothes my aching body/legs while keeping it moisturized, too!

So there. If you have suggestions or additions to this list, just leave a comment and I’d be happy to read/add them.:)

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  1. Apple Reply

    Carmex is a good brand for dry and chapped lips. Petroleum jelly is great to put on every other night, it would help your dry face. You will see the difference in the morning, it’s soft, smooth, and somehow hydrated from the cold weather.

    The problem with facial cream from the Philippines is that, it is designed for that kind of weather and climate. For example, the Ponds cream doesn’t work in a dry and cold place in some states of America (tried it already and didn’t work.) In the UK, it somehow works because it’s not a dry country. It may be cold but it’s not surrounded by some desert area (tried it and it worked).

    So I think, if you will go to see dry places either just use petroleum jelly at night time and buy a facial cream from the country you will be staying at (if you will be staying there for more than a week.) Or just the petroleum jelly itself but make sure you to put minimum amount it or else it woild be too oily.

    Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It hydrates our body and helps us to have more energy to galavant without exhausting the water in our body! hahaha!

    I hope what I shared has a bit of sense too.

    Thanks Ms. Paula

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