Travel Tip: Our Sunday Picnic

Last Sunday, my husband and I decided to have a little picnic for our Sunday brunch!

Thank heavens for the slight drizzle, cause the heat was somehow bearable.

Daday, our household genius, prepared Spinach with herbs & Kesong Puti Omelette for us + Middle Eastern Salad and Bread with butter.

Foamed Mats from Barrio Siesta
Woven Trays from Occidental Mindoro (made by Mangyans)
Pretty Caroline-Channing Necklace from Nadj Handmade Jewelry

Had some wine, too, though I’m certainly not a wine connoisseur, so I’m quite sure there were better wines to match our meal (where do I learn this in Manila anyway?)

We had a lovely date by the pool while planning our upcoming trip.

A lot of people are strapped with the idea that to make the perfect date, you have to spend on expensive restaurants or travel to exotic destinations, but sometimes, the best dates are those unplanned and don’t need a lot of spending.

After all, when you’re with your perfect match, the conversation and the laughter would be all that matters.

So that’s my travel tip for the dayDo not limit yourself to places in guide books! Go and explore your background and be creative! Nothing beats the feeling of making something out of nothing. In Italian, they have a phrase for it: l’arte d’arrangiarsi – the art of making something out of nothing. So the next time you’re running out of cash, something as small as a little picnic at a park or your garden with lots of meaningful conversation, laughter, and happy thoughts will more than do. đŸ˜‰

PS: You can do this during your trips, too. A picnic by the Eiffel Tower, they say, is one of the best experiences. We did something like this while watching a movie at the Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles, too. We also did it in certain parts of the country, even to nearby UP Diliman. The best part is, you can do it anywhere, and while some have minimal fees, most areas may be used for free!:)


3 comments on “Travel Tip: Our Sunday Picnic”

  1. farrah joanne Reply

    I so love the concept.. Thanks for the tip Paula (feeling close,sorry) Im thinking to do these over the weekend, its my first time to plan this, I hope my husband will love the idea aside from our movie dates, coffee dates this is unique and sweet and not expensive. I get back with a pic.. đŸ™‚

  2. James Deen Reply

    l’arte d’arrangiarsi – it’s l’arte di’arrangiarsi and it doesn’t mean the art of making something out of nothing, it’s the art of getting along, of figuring it out on your own. think first.

    • admin Reply

      Just so you know, I learned this phrase from the book Eat, Pray, Love,
      spelling included. I am not an Italian speaker so I can’t validate your
      claim. But thanks for taking time to correct others in the manner you just did. Very mature and classy. đŸ™‚

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