So, you’ve probably heard about #springflingph by now, an event pulled together by these awesome women: Patty Laurel-Filart, Alessandra Lanot, and Kelly Misa.

Well, what is Spring Fling PH? First, this is how I got invited.

Not knowing much about how bloggers go about events and all that glam, I went sans make-up nor blow-dried hair (oops, will learn from this hehe!). I was mostly going for Alessa’s craft lessons, but wow, the event was way more than that.

The pretty ladies behind #springflingph: Kelly, Patty, Alessa

This event is one of the best, coolest events I’ve been to (though I don’t really attend events, haha!). Seriously though, this was really a light and happy event with lots of beautiful loot to make us giggle even more!

So, Patty began by sharing her love for food and travel (mostly food, haha). I always tell my sister that it’s so hard to believe Patty loves food that much, cause just look at her! No signs of being in love with food. But okay, I admit, she really does (and a sucker for sweets at that!). She picked our samplers for the day from Early Bird Breakfast Club. I first saw this restaurant from her Instagram, but never got to visit cause I just don’t really move much when I’m in Manila. BUT I have to say, I’m glad I went. Not only was the food visually and gastronomically satisfying, the whole place was easy on the eye. Everything was just picture-worthy!

Kelly was up next and started talking about fashion and her love for it. She introduced the new line of Guess and talked a bit more about her blog. Though I’ve never met her, it was really fun listening to her talk. And her blog is really fun to look at, too!

Then came Alessa’s turn for our craft session. It was quite exciting that it’s a craft I’ve never encountered – Brush Calligraphy! It was quite challenging, I must say, but as Alessa says, it’s just really practice, and I believe her. I think that if you dedicate your time and effort in something, you’re bound to get better at it.

Alessa is one person I truly admire for her craft skills. Her hands are really, really amazing! She is the perfect brand ambassador for Sharpie, for real. She just made Sharpie even cooler just by using it!

So anyway, they started giving us cool gifts from Guess’ quick-dry towel to summer kimonos from La Tercera to sandals from Lulu Swing to multi-colored sharpie markers! At first, I thought it was just one or two giveaways, but boy, I was surely spoiled that day! I didn’t expect to receive so much BEAUTIFUL things that I ended up telling Patty she should have warned us to bring our own bayong, haha!

Here are some of the products we received:

grabbed from Patty’s blog – happy girls with Lulu Swing’s giveaway!

And in reality, this is HOW MUCH I got all in one day:

1. Sunnies by ICON EYEWEAR
2. L’Indochine Wallet –a great staple for your bag! small, lightweight, and easy to spot!
3. Tresemme (Shampoo and Conditioner) – beautiful effect on my hair!
4. Ponds BB Cream
5. Cupcakes from My Little Buttercup
6. Goody Hair Clip
7. Pipino Vegan Chips and Cookiesloved them so much, I ate them all in one sitting!
8.La Tercera Capagot the spring print but also looove their tropical print, so I ended up ordering one from them after the event!
9. Lulu Swinghappy to have another beautiful pair from this brand!
10. One Life Pilatescan’t wait to try this and tell you all about it!!
11. Tote from Joan and KlaireI got the Paris print for our upcoming trip (though it was a battle between that and the palm trees!) Using the tote now and I love how it’s so lightweight and roomy!
12. Quick-Dry Towel from Guess
13. Beach Mat from Lagu honestly happy to have another one! One of my most favorite travel essentials!
14. Make up Set from Happy SkinI don’t really wear makeup except when I travel abroad or go to an event. See my quick and honest review HERE. In a gist, really good makeup set!
15. Food and Venue by Early Bird Breakfast Club
16. Multicolored Markers from Sharpie –yey! I have more now. This was part of my wishlist for Christmas, hehe!
17. Notepad from Enlivo

Here’s ME wearing the capa of La Tercera and sandals of Lulu Swing!

To end this post, Patty says that these were their goals for the event:

1) For our guests to catch a little preview of our blogs and to understand our intention: to provide positive and creative content for our readers through our respective sites.

2) To make our guests feel extra special for a day! To make them absolutely giddy with the good food, craft session, and goodies. We just wanted to make it about channeling the blessings we have experienced through blogging and sharing it with women we love and admire.

3) To create a little happiness community (yes it sounds very gummy bears and marshmallows, I know!)–with all the crap that’s thrown at us each day, it would be nice to just surround yourself with people who choose to do something good and meaningful with their lives. Hindi na talaga uso ang nega vibes! It’s time to champion strong women and encourage one another!

I think they were able to reach all these goals successfully. YES to happy, positive blogs. Patty is right, nega vibes is so out. Time to only follow people who spread happiness and positivity. The last thing we really need is someone who likes to lurk in the negative aspects of life. Sometimes, all we really need is a push from people who know how to see the brighter side of life!

Honestly, I had SOOOOOOOO much fun and too much pretty was going on that I didn’t bother to take photos anymore. All I asked Patty was if I could grab photos from the event photographers so I can just really have fun. So, thank you to everyone who took photos of the event. Most of the photos here were taken by Chris Clemente and Alessa Lanot!

A huge thank you also goes to arge Montemayor and Kakee Tingzon of EVENTS BY MARGE for taking care of everything for us. You guys rock.

Again, thank you Patty, Alessa, and Kelly for the super happy event. Congratulations and I can’t wait for the next one, hehehe 🙂 Keep on inspiring everyone!

Here’s me in Tachikawa Park, Japan, loving my newest Lagu mat!

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  1. Alessa Reply

    Yay, thanks for posting about this, Paula!! 🙂 My dotcom is currently down, so the link is lifeafterbreakfast.blogspot.com for now. Craft ulit soon!! 😛

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