DIY: Bathroom Makeover

Here’s my promised post of that bathroom makeover we did about a month ago.

See, my husband’s home came with a lovely brick-walled guest bathroom. But I thought it still needed a little umph. Actually, it’s been on my list, but being the busy bees we are, I never got to do it…until last month.

If you fix houses for a living, or for the fun of it, you’d know that kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive to makeover – that is, if you replace all the basics like tiles (or in this case, bricks). So I made sure to keep it as it is, and just work around it with the least possible cost.



This was the brainchild of putting everything we had in excess and had no place in the house. Haha. Cute shower curtain that did not fit anywhere else, handcarved artwork from Baguio that didn’t have a spot in the living room anymore…

My husband doing the drilling himself. Told you, this is how we get to save and use that money for labor to travel instead. 😀


Bought fabric then had a shower curtain made by our trusted mat-maker. Framed beautiful words of wisdom. Used my mom’s old, rusty vase. Made use of my sister’s old coffee beans.

Printed some pretty typography sets from the internet on plain paper and framed them with spray-painted old “diploma” frames. Yes, the cheap ones you see in bookstores. PS: I think it’s okay to frame the artworks that aren’t yours as long as they are downloadable for personal (and not commercial) use.

This silver vase belonged to my mom, and it was in her cabinet of “things we don’t know what to do with anymore”. So I got it and used it here. Nice contrast, I must say. Since this old frame’s hook was broken, I just lay it there. Then I filled that little tray with old coffee beans from my sister (who just wanted to dispose them) for that yummy smell. Ahhh, even better when I light the candle!

The other side. Really cute orange handsoap from my mom and all recycled bottles as handsoap and hand sanitizer.

So there. Hope you liked this DIY makeover. As usual, I am not a fan of buying everything new just to complete a look – recycling and working with what you have is not only more environmental friendly, I think it’s more challenging and fulfilling, too! And no, I do not mean going to flea markets/ second hand stores to make it look “hippie” enough. I mean, really working with what you already have in your hands. 😛

Next project: the bathroom in our room. Any ideas on what to do best with marble walls?:)

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