How To Pack Your Travel Toiletries

A toiletry kit is something we all bring when we travel. But sometimes, I feel like it’s taking up too much space, so I went in search for the best toiletry kit years ago and found it in a small outdoor shop at a mall.

I found this! I love how I can put it outside my backpack just by attaching it to a carabiner! This was taken in Camiguin Norte, Babuyan Islands, 2012.

Sadly though, I couldn’t see a lot of this style; I wanted to buy one for my husband, too (then my boyfriend) but this was the last piece they had on hand (am not sure now if they still replenish their stocks).

So imagine my happiness when I found out that our newest partner for PRACTICAL PACKER is selling the same style and in super cute prints!

Curious how I pack my toiletries?

The secret really, is to bring everything in small packages. It depends on how long your trip is, but in my case, if I know I can always buy extra shampoo at a supermarket in my destination and that destination is not expensive, I don’t bring a lot. Or sometimes, I would bring sachets (but I try to limit it cause it’s really major eco waste).

I love how nowadays, most toiletry stuff have travel-size versions!

Here’s a detailed list:

So, how do you pack your travel toiletry kit? You start by figuring out what your essentials are.

In my case, here is a list my MUST-BRING items:

1) Petroleum Jelly is a must for me! But I put it in a small casing. This could work as your lip balm, facial, hand, and foot moisturizer. It can also remove stains, tame my unruly hair/ eyebrows, work as primer for make-up, fix stuck locks, etc. It’s miracle in a tiny case, really!

2) Since I try to eliminate the use of sachets, I use travel-sized bottles for my shampoo. I buy one large one and refill it at home after each and every travel.

3) I make sure to bring an insect ointment and a mint cream. The cream helps me with migraines, achy back, and tired legs. The ointment allows me to scratch my bites less whenever I get one from my nature trips!

4) I love the idea of the foldable toothbrush, available at major supermarkets! One thing I noticed, though, is that you have to constantly change it, cause it gets worn out easily. I partner this with small, travel-sized toothpaste tubes.

5) Leave-On Conditioner – for a lady, this one is really for the win! My kind of traveling includes outdoor activities like camping, and if you camp, you’d understand how water can be so scarce sometimes. Just to be able to take a decent bath, you’d go as far as saving each and every drop to make sure that little water will have your whole body covered. This is where leave-on conditioners come in. Instead of worrying about water to wash my conditioner after shampooing my hair, I can just put it on after I take a bath and use more water for my shampoo and body wash!

6) Lip balm – Petroleum Jelly can do the trick, but if it’s small, it won’t hurt to bring one. My lips get dry easily so this is important most especially when I go somewhere salty (like the sea) or cold!

7) For the soap, I’m glad I was able to score a mini soap case. Usually, the holders are big! I always bring extra soap. You can also bring liquid body wash to make everything easier. I sometimes do that. You can get travel-sized soaps here.

8) Mini Nail File – it’s not in the picture because I always have one in my wallet. This is important for me cause it’s small and lightweight, yet does big help with my nail troubles! My nails chip easily at times, and this saves me from getting hangnails or wounds.

9) Facial Wash is also a must. After countless dust coming my way after a tricycle/ motorcycle ride, my face can surely benefit from washing! If I know I’ll be traveling for a while, I also bring a facial scrub.

These would be my essentials. But sometimes, there are add-ons like a mani-pedi set when I’ll go on a monthlong trip somewhere expensive like the US (cause I know it would cost me more to have my nails done there!). I also bring a mini foot scrub set and also nail stickers. I also add a small pair of scissors when I bring sachets. If I know that I will go on a camping trip, or stay at a local’s house and not in a hotel, I bring a small mirror so I can easily put my contact lens. Though not in the photo, I also bring a small but sturdy comb.

Some more tips:

* If you will use travel-sized bottles for different things, you can use washi tapes in different designs to tell them apart, or even label them.

* I accompany my travel toiletry kit with a quick-drying towel.

* Put a carabiner on your toiletry kit so you can attach it outside your bag!

The best part of this toiletry kit…is that is comes with S hook! This is perfect cause you can easily hang it while you take a shower! Oh, and the fabric is washable and water repellant, too! Get yours HERE now.

PS: Would love to hear your travel toiletry kit tips! 🙂

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