Anthropocentric Belief Represented in a Cartoon

Anthropocentrism, noun, the belief that humans are the center or superior beings of the planet.

I learned about this word in college, while I was taking up a class on Environmental Philosophy. I was reading about Biocentrism when I came across this word, and thought, ohh, THIS is what’s causing most of our environmental problems today.

And now, years after I graduated as a Philosophy major, I see this video and can’t help but think the one who made it is a genius. Anthropocentrism explained in minutes through interesting visuals. Can’t help but share.


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  1. Celestine Reply

    Yes so true Ms Paula. We are so lucky we have subjects like those. Mine was Community based Resource Management and others subjects also , which discuss the human decisions and actions that lead to environmental problems. Thanks for the share!

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