How We Spent Our Wedding Anniversary

We just turned one yesterday!

My husband and I have been married for one year, and we didn’t even notice it! Time really flies when you’re having fun.

Originally, we booked a trip to Paris for our wedding anniversary since we’ve never been there as a couple (he has; I have never been to Europe), but upon realizing it’s still the worst of winter at this time of the year in most of Western Europe, we postponed it to May and opted for a simple celebration since we have to save up for our upcoming trips.

We booked a room in Seda Bonifacio Global City for a night. You can book this place with us at Our Restless Feet Travel and Tours. Just send us an email with your desired dates. The room was small but nice enough, but what we really loved was the service – from the front desk to the bellboy to the people in the restaurant! They have great food, too! And it’s just a walking distance to Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. In my opinion, the pool would have been better if they put it on the rooftop instead of the second floor since there’s a decent city view from the rooftop. Still, the pool area’s lounge chairs will do for an afternoon reading. The nice thing, too, was that they had WiFi in our room – free of charge! And there are 4 Apple Desktops downstairs that guests can use for browsing and emailing!

Anyway…so yeah, we just did a staycation in Manila for our anniversary weekend, however, I have to commend my husband for not only taking me out on a dinner date, but for suggesting the coolest activity ever – wear our wedding attire and have a photoshoot on the day of our anniversary!

I must say, it was really, really fun (and quite exciting) to wear our wedding dresses and feel like we were about to get married again! It totally added spark to our day! Since we were in traditional Filipiniana, we headed to Intramuros and did our own post-nup shoot. I wore the top I wore at the reception since the one I wore at the church is still with my mom. I just put on a little make-up and tied my hair and flattened by baby hair with petroleum jelly, hehehe! We only had a tripod with us, and the best gift for me was that everyone who was walking our way and saw us taking photos stopped to give time for the camera to click – including taxi drivers! I honestly appreciated the fact that they would stop and wait without us asking them to. We were definitely blessed with kind, considerate souls today!

My husband and I agreed this should be a tradition we will start – wherever in the world we are, we will wear our wedding dresses every anniversary and take photos (hopefully, they will still fit in the years to come!). It’s quite exciting where our dresses will be taken!

Anyway, I’ll just let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

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  1. Celestine Reply

    VEry nice Ms. Paula! I can’t wait to see pictures of you heading to different places wearing our Filipiniana. 🙂

  2. Rachiel Reply

    cute! I am following you for suggestions of where to be and where to go in the Philippines. I have always told my husband that I am a spoilsport because I don’t like travelling because of the hassle but to be honest, I am more interested to explore the Philippines than other countries.

    Looking forward to read more of your travels. 🙂

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Explore Reply

    I adore your theme! Patriotic and classy! You guys look great! I now will be checking on your blog for further updates. It’s such a refreshing and good read 🙂

  4. Martin Valdes Reply

    Hello there! I doubt we’ve ever met, and I bumped into your page completely by chance, but I ventured on this particular post and saw a familiar face. No not yours, but Charlie’s (back then he had a more entomological nickname, but I’m sure you knew that)! Charlie and I used be classmates in Xavier many years back – as in the same section for a few years even. We were also both in the varsity football (soccer) team, and I believe we both went to Ateneo at the same time as well.

    Please extend my regards to Mr. Fernandez as I haven’t seen him in at least a dozen years. And my very belated congratulations to both of you since I didn’t even know he got married.

  5. kristine velez-cagayat Reply

    can’t get enough reading thru ur blogs. and this article is today’s favorite!
    all the best to you and hubby (and the rest of the Peralehood!)!!!

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