My Weekend’s JackPOT


Just want to share last weekend’s winner piece!

I purchased the teapot at a jackpot price of PHP 10. Yes, ten pesos, the same price of a small softdrink, or a short jeepney ride around the Metro!

I realized that it’s just really a matter of having an eye for things. Sometimes, we spend on things that don’t even look like their value at all, but it could be in a good way. It’s exciting how this really cheap brand new teapot can be turned into a cute set during a tea party, a flower vase perhaps, or a display when our table gets boring.

I take pride in the fact that we have turned our home into something that’s pleasant (to our eyes at least) without spending a lot. Rather than filling my home with “famous” home brands that are worth a year’s work (or two, or three, or more!), we decided to fill it with things that have interesting stories like this PHP 10 teapot, mats woven by women we met on the road, trinkets made by indigenous peoples, souvenirs from our travels, or things that would have been in the garbage, if not saved by us (hence, we have a lot of recycled and upcycled things)!

And you know what? It works. An old uncle (who already passed on) who visited our home said our house is like a museum – he loves how everything is a conversation piece. So when building your home, don’t be afraid that things will not match and don’t start with the thought that you don’t have money. You can always build slowly so that it gets filled more of your taste, than just a bunch of random things to fill up your “empty space”. You know what’s funny? We buy/ put everything slowly, but somehow, they all “fit”. Guess we always let our taste do the talking and it really takes care of itself. In building a home, this is what I have learned: it’s just really a matter of shopping wisely and filling your home with the most important ingredient – love. 🙂

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