Who Is Nicolas Winton?

At this day and age when everything is just a click away, it’s so easy to share ANYTHING, or give too much information on the internet.

Things may go out of hand sometimes, or people may share what you believe are “useless” or “hateful” things, but the good side of the sharing power nowadays, is that you are also bombared with heartwarming stories, and you get to know kindness all over the world that you may have not known otherwise.

If you follow sites like UPWORTHY.COM, or those viralnova-like sites, you’d find amazing things everyday, I tell you. The internet is the new Chicken Soup for the Soul, if you follow the right people. It’s all in your hands, after all.

Here’s one that really warmed my heart today, and I think I OUGHT to share this with you:


During Second World War, Sir Nicolas Winton rescued and saved from certain death more than six hundred (about 669) Jewish children from Czechoslovakia condemned by the Nazis to perish at death camps. Just before Christmas 1938, Winton was about to travel to Switzerland for a skiing holiday, when he decided instead to travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia, to help his friend Martin Blake, who was involved in Jewish refugee work, and had called him asking for his help.There, he single-handedly established an organization to aid children from Jewish families at risk from the Nazis. He set up an office at a dining room table in his hotel. In November 1938, shortly after Kristallnact, the House of Commons had approved a measure that would permit the entry of refugees younger than 17 years old into Britain, if they had a place to stay and a warranty of £50 was deposited for a ticket for their eventual return to their country of origin. He is considered the British Schindler and I would say, indeed he is!.

In a separate event (not this video), Winton received the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal in a special ceremony held at the Embassy of Sweden in London with the presence of former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Eduardo Eurnekian and Baruch Tenenbaum, Chairman and Founder of the educational NGO, presented the award.

In his speech, Eurnekian said: “Sir Nicholas Winton risked his comfortable position as a stockbroker and began an operation that any sensible person would have qualified as impossible. Few people deserve the Nobel Peace Prize more than Sir Nicholas Winton”.

Now, go and bring your tissues on!

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