More Washi Ideas!

It’s been a while since I last wrote or shared anything here, so I thought of sharing my latest washi ideas while waiting for people in our bazaar.

Photos taken from phone, so sorry for the pixelated state 😉

Instant chic factor for ANY pencil! You can cover the whole thing, or just a part of it!

More office supplies washified. Used the thinner washis for the wooden clips!

Gave my travel soaps some lush treatment!

One of the many ways you can wrap gifts! BUT remember not to overdo the packaging for the sake of making it look super pretty but at the expense of the environment. Washis would look great even in old newspaper. For this one, I reused a gray paper used to wrap the ceramics we bought from a bazaar.

Another way to use washis – to design your envelopes for your letters! For my project on the left side, I used X-Acto Knife and Scissors to trim the edges.

And………a super no-brainer project – it will be pretty no matter what – BUNTINGS! The search for cute fabrics to make buntings if over. You can make one using washis AND use it again and again! 🙂

It’s a few days till Christmas. If you’re looking for affordable gifts for your girlfriends – washi tapes would be a great idea. It will unleash the creativity of those who aren’t into arts and crafts much, and those who already know the many uses of this will simply thank you for it. A girl can never have enough. 😉

For orders, you can try THE WASHI MACHINE. I sell some of their designs over at PRACTICAL PACKER, too.

Just a tip: If you’re giving this to someone who has no idea what it’s for, best to print a few photos for ideas. Or just a simple explanation and a link for pegs. 🙂

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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