Practical Packer Tip: Nail Care

If there is one thing I absolutely dread whenever I’m in for long days on the road, it’s having ugly and dirty nails. I may not be the type of girl who thinks salons are pieces of heaven (they’re really not my thing), but I do make time for nail spas or home serviced mani-pedis!

I once went to California and stayed there for a little over a month, so to prepare for my long trip, I had my nails done before leaving. A few weeks and a lot of destinations after, my nail polish started chipping off, and my nails needed some filing and cleaning! So, I went to the cheapest salon I could find and had my nails done. WRONG MOVE. If you’re from the Philippines, you’d probably think paying $50 for a mani-pedi in the US is such a waste of money not because it’s $50, but because they hardly clean your nails for fear of accidentally letting blood come out of your nails and get sued for it. So, that was one of my worst splurges in life. I swore never to have my nails done in the US ever again. Hehe.

On our last trip to the US, we stayed for 41 days, and so, with the invention of GEL NAIL POLISH, I was able to survive 41 days with relatively clean nails. BUT there is a downside to Gel Nails – when you do it often, it really damages your nails. I got addicted in having gel nails for a time (why wouldn’t you? It’s like the answer to all your nail problems!) until one of my nails got so thin it literally hurt when I was cleaning it (yes, there was blood, too)! So anyway, I think Gel Nails are fine if used every once in a while, but not all the time!

So, I researched further and eventually ended up with this:

Nail Stickers!

It’s cheap, it’s easy to do, and when you don’t have money or a lot of time to have your nails done while you’re on the road and your nails are already hating you for not taking care of them, THIS is your solution. You can always put this in your wallet/ luggage together with a mini nail file (another must-have when you travel) and a super small colorless polish!

Here’s a quick HOW TO guide. You can save the photo on your phone/ tablet and just follow it when needed.

If you do your own mani-pedi and just want to give your nails a new look, you can always use these, too:

Nail Accessories!

To buy nail stickers and accessories, go HERE.
To buy mini nail fails, go HERE.

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