Simple Washi Tape Projects

Last week, I shared my washi gardening project, and today, I’ll be blogging two projects I’ve worked on after a long day at work. I was into crafts when I was younger. I even joined workshops like paper quilling and drawing, haha! But traveling made me forget this part of me for a while, but now, it seems that my love for crafting has come back.

Well, as much as I love arts and crafts, I do make sure to make crafts that I’ll actually use (I am not for those kinds of artsy and crafty projects that are more like waste such as super beautiful packaging but are actually just waste in reality – sorry crafters!), and as you’ve probably learned about me by now, as much as possible, I like recycling things (less cost, less waste).

So these photos are just very simple projects you can do at home with the help of washi tapes. These are all projects I did for my other office (in the afternoon, I go to my husband’s office and have a table there so I can help them with some of their websites). If you’re wondering what washi tapes are, read THIS. Please take note that not all tapes with patterns and designs are washi tapes. If ever you see WASHI TAPES FOR SALE for like PHP 40 or less, you should begin doubting. Those are probably paper tapes and you will see the difference when you put them side by side.

Anyway, on to the projects:


materials needed

Back when washi tapes were unknown to me, I would always do this project since I always see “scratch” paper everywhere and use magazine cut-outs as the cover. Thanks to the invention of washis, I can make a chic cover without cutting parts of a magazine anymore!

Step 1: Cut the paper into same size with the blank pages on top and then staple them. Next step, cover the top part with washis and design it your way! That easy!

The result. You can opt to write a description for your notebook just like I did with the RECYCLED PAPER. I just wrote it on another scratch and glued it to the cover.


Materials Needed: Pen, Washi Tapes and Paper (I used long bond paper) – The last row turned out to be narrower than the others, hehe!


Materials needed: Acrylic Stand (available at bookstores), white paper (can be scratch if the print on the other end is light) and washi tapes!

The result. (To Do This: just design the paper and put the paper inside the acrylic stand.)


Materials Needed: plain calling card holder and washi tapes!

More photos:

My desk is washified all over: 2 washified acrylic stands, 1 washified card holder, 1 washified monthly caledar

Washified Notebooks and Calendar. All washi tapes used are from The Washi Machine (

So there, very easy and simple washi tape projects. I sometimes get comments from people saying that they don’t get what washi tapes are; hopefully, this post will make washi’s purpose clearer. Although, there are more (and even better) uses for washi tapes.

You can head HERE for ideas and type WASHI/ WASHI TAPE.

Really, the uses are as endless as your imagination and creativity.

Wondering where to get washi tapes? Visit THE WASHI MACHINE.

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