DIY Gardening x Washi Tape Project

Yesterday was the first time I saw my sister since she got back from their US-Japan trip, and I was so happy when she handed me these:

Garden Nameplates from a Daiso Store in Japan!!!

I’m not sure if Japanese stores sell these here (they probably do, I just never looked for them).

Anyway, it was so timing because I’ve been wanting to put names on the native trees we planted at home, and I wanted to mark the month and year we got them too, so that we know how old they are years from now. I was planning to print their names and have them laminated, but this is way better!

Since I have a lot of WASHI TAPES, and I seem to washify everything, why not washify these, too, right? For this project, I used the washis from The Washi Machine. Washi Machine is available at Practical Packer, too!

These lovely rolls are available at The Washi Machine (instagram: @thewashimachine or FB: for 75-80/ roll!

So for this project, here’s a rundown of the materials I used:

If you don’t want to use twine, you can just plant the nameplate directly on the soil. These twines were from our photographer’s delivery package! I just recycled them 🙂

And the result! One side – name of the plant; other side – month and year we planted them! To keep the washi’s colors from fading, I sprayed them with clear gloss. You can also use acrylic emulsion or Mod Podge.

So, here’s a sneak peek of one part of our mini garden (and those 2 huge spray-painted pots at the back are home to our native trees):

And here’s the final output:

Balitbitan Tree


Bignay Pugo Tree

Pandakaki (my favorite!)

Mali Mali

So, here’s one super duper easy WASHI project. For more washi tape ideas, follow this.

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