Practical Packing Essential: Head Wear!

This is one thing I ALWAYS carry with me during my travels – my head’s best friend!

Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary, Masbate

They’re small, portable and can be used in a variety of ways! Normally, I just use it as a headband, but it can actually be used in a multiple of ways! I don’t normally “model”, so forgive ze shots, but this little thing is pretty cool, actually!

And these are just some of the ways…….I love how it can even be a bonnet, a ponytail or even an arm band to wipe your sweat! From experience, this is really useful when you’re braving dusty roads, too!:)

Sambawon Island, Biliran

On a solo backpacking trip in Catanduanes. Can you tell this neon one is my fave?:P

Soft, stretchable and chic, a head wear is every traveler’s must have. It may be small and easy to bring, but it has multiple uses you’ll sure be thankful for. From a headband to a head cover to an eye cover to a ponytail, this multi purpose head wear is something you should always bring with you whenever you’re on the road.

There are two kinds available at our store: soft (PHP 150) and softer (300) fabric.

Get your dose of travel goodness!

FYI: These are not from the famous brand HEADWEAR.

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