Tagaytay Weekend – Of Travel, Food and Weddings!

It’s been a while since my husband and I spent a weekend in Tagaytay. A few weeks ago, we attended a wedding at the Midlands so we decided to try one of our partner accommodations in Our Restless Feet Travel and Tours, Lee Boutique Hotel.

Now, for honest review, I don’t think I would pay for their walk-in rates, but for the price you pay when you book ahead of time, it was quite a deal. I remember paying for a cheap room with a view for PHP 2,700 somewhere along the same road (the usual Tagaytay road), so for a little over a thousand more, this was really worth it. We got to sleep in a comfortable bed, we had wifi in the room (and got to work comfortably), the hot shower was divine (though the bathroom was a bit small) and it came with breakfast. We enjoyed our sleep too much we missed the brekky. Just a little downside was the noise coming in from the other floor, I think. Not sure if it was the aircon or something else. But we generally had a lovely stay. You can book this hotel with us if you’re planning to visit, just email travel@ourrestlessfeet.com for inquiries.

Lee Boutique Hotel, Tagaytay. Book this room with us at www.ourrestlessfeet.com

Another view of the Superior room! We booked for the cheapest but got upgraded here because they were already fully booked. And we booked this just the night before! Teehee!

Now on to the wedding of my good friend from college, Bianca. We were witness to their looooong distance relationship for a looooong time, and we’re all glad they finished strong. Love warriors they are!

Yanyan and Bianca – Esguerra – Simbulan Wedding

Love the simple details. No “grand” decor is better than simple style created with love. Their “laptop cake” is so cute. That was pretty much the status of their relationship since they live so faraway from each other. The map showed our names and table numbers. We were seated somewhere in Russia.

And these DIY items would be my favorites! The multi-colored paper flowers were such eye candies. The map table numbers were really cute, and the vases were simple yet pretty! Labor of love, we can tell! Friends of the bride spent one night working on these. Their confetti was really cute, too.

Photos of me with the newly wed, my husband, and my college friends. The one on the top left, Anna Cristobal, is the one who made our wedding invitation. Get her for graphic design. She’s really good!

Because this is my most favorite part of the whole setup, it deserves a photo of its own. Our wedding souvenir was a mini balikbayan box with a wooden luggage tag. Can you see the newlywed’s initials? I bet you didn’t notice that. I love how they incorporated it with the look. This souvenir has a classy taste, and best of all, it’s very useful especially for travelers like me! Thank you, Yanyan and Bianca!

After checking out from Lee Boutique Hotel, we headed to Marcia Adams for late lunch with our friend, Des. Marcia Adams is located in Cavite, about 15 minutes away from the Tagaytay Rotonda.

See that big window? That’s the best part of the restaurant, but it was raining so hard and it was quite windy (it was apparently the start of the typhoon Maring), so we were denied the view. It was still pretty, though!

We visited Marcia Adams mostly for the look of the place, but we were rewarded by a really yummy salad. Since my husband and I are vegetarians, we ordered the same pasta because it was the only vegetarian pasta available. It was okay. Filling enough. Marcia Adams requires each person to purchase PHP 700 worth of food. For the dessert, the pannacotta dipped in lemon sauce was divine. The others were okay. Overall, it was a gorgeous place with good food. Was it worth paying at least PHP 700? Maybe at least once.

This is my other favorite part. Too bad we weren’t seated here because of the weather. The owner has such exquisite taste. Even the restroom tiles were adorable! Special thank you to my sister who lives in the US for sending me the striped skirt. Super love at first sight!!


After a filling lunch, it was time to take photos. Photo with our good friend slash travel buddy slash birding buddy Des.

Lovely Weekend with my husband perfectly captured by Des.

So, the weekend that passed. Good thing we went home right after lunch because the rains were getting harder and the pouring won’t stop. It was somehow the start of the devastating typhoon Maring.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, folks!


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