Bucas Grande Group of Islands, Surigao Del Norte

Like I have shared in my earlier entry, Surigao seems to be my favorite destination in the country, and it’s mostly because of THIS really enchanted place I will share with you today.

In July 2011, my husband (then my boyfriend) and I discovered this beautiful secret in the island of Mindanao, and couldn’t stop talking about it since. It’s often called Sohoton Cove or Bucas Grande Group of Islands, or simply to us, Surigao Del Norte’s Paradise.

I’m not kidding. If you’re a nature lover, you will definitely love this place. Tucked away in islets with boats as the only means of transportation, you cannot expect carinderias or restaurants here. It’s secluded that way, which, well, makes food in the islands a little heavy on the pocket, but still worth the visit! The same goes for your transportation to the resort. The best way to go around it is to also bring some snacks for yourself, and other things that you might need like medicines, sanitary napkins, etc.

It became a bit popular when deal sites started advertising it, but relatively, you still have paradise all by yourself.

The full day tour includes a trip to beaches, lakes, lagoons, caves, islets, and snorkeling sites (bring your own gear)! At the end of the day, you can watch the sun as it sets from a tower with no obstructive view. If you come while the stingless jellyfish are in season (said to be from July to September, but you know how global warming can change things a bit! we went on a July and they were many!), then you’ll see hundreds of them from your boat. They used to allow people to swim with the jellies, unfortunately, this is now impossible because jellies apparently die from sunblock and other human-related activities. You can still watch them from the boat! Yes, it’s not only Palau who has stingless jellies! We have it here, and even in Cantilan, too, where we’re offering THIS TOUR.

Today, we are happy to announce that we are officially adding this paradise in our list of tours, and there’s no better way to invite you than through my very own photos:

We stayed at Club Tara for this trip. It’s one of the very few resorts in the area, and it’s a luxury resort. They however have budget rooms for big groups, too! The view here from the cottages is spectacular. Sightings of a Rufous Hornbill is almost guaranteed. Bring your binoculars and watch them in peace.

Inside our room was this really cool jacuzzi. I used the photo from Club Tara’s site because we used it at night, so no view my photos. 🙂

This is the chilling area of our cottage. The view was majestic, swear! A few stingless jellies were spotted from here, too! The rooms inside are a bit too Korean for us, but this area was definitely a winner!

Or…you can opt to stay at a cheaper accommodation (basic, no aircon and no hot shower), but you have THIS for a view. Everything is lovely in this part of the country.

Now the tour around the area begins..

First thing to do is to visit Sohoton Cove. See that hole? It gets filled with water during high tide, so this has to be done during low tide. You’ll be taken inside different spots inside the cove, including a cave, a small hike up, and a cliff jump! CONFESSION: It took me 10 minutes to jump the cliff, and it wasn’t even that high. Haha! Oh, the things traveling makes me do!

Then you can visit lakes as serene as this one…

An abandoned kayak was tied to the bridge, so we used it to go around the lake. A few rufous night herons were spotted, and many small birds were heard during this ride.

Of course, you’ll stopover a beach! This is one of the many beaches and islets there. Snorkeling is really nice, too!

The kaftan I’m wearing is available at www.practicalpacker.com under shop/ wear/ cover-ups!

I’ve mentioned before that Surigao has one of the most powdery sands I’ve ever stepped on. Can you imagine it now?

See? Soft, powdery, and white. Sans the Boracay crowd.

Hundreds of stingless jellyfish hanging around the lagoon! What an unbelievable, lovely sight!

Before the day ends, you can go up here to watch the sunset and have this majestic, picture-perfect view!

This group of islands is magical, and I wouldn’t mind going back again! In fact, as I am writing this (and showing you the photos), I am the one tempted to book a flight to Surigao City again.

Interested? See our LIST OF SURIGAO TOURS (For BUCAS GRANDE, we offer 3 days, 2 nights of either basic accommodation, luxury accommodation or budget accommodation in a luxury resort).

What are you waiting for? Book a flight to Surigao City now!


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  1. ladyflor Reply

    i’ve been there last summer… sadly we weren’t able to see the stingless jellyfish. but still the place is worth the visit… totally awesome. hoping to visit this paradise again. thanks for sharing this…. 🙂

  2. sweettraveller Reply

    Good thing the Jacuzzi you used was functional. We have a very bad experience in Club Tara but bucas grande is such a heaven.

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