DIY: Vertical Garden

This weekend was spent yet doing another DIY – our plant wall/ vertical garden.

If you live in Manila, you have probably seen those hanging plants under the tunnels and, aren’t they?

That was sort of our inspiration for this project. And we needed 5 things:

1. Vertical Pots (These aren’t exactly cheap compared to clay pots. Although small, they cost around PHP 24-PHP 30 retail and if you’re willing to brave the crowds of Divisoria, you can get it for half the price, though they’re not exactly easy to find. Even gardening shops hardly carry these. 78 pots cost us PHP 1,170.

2. Paint – (The only colors available for pots are black and green, and I didn’t like any of them, so I used white latex to paint the pots. The latex paint cost us nothing because we bought it for another project and there was leftover paint. For the grid, we repainted them gray to match the color of the wall and used spray paint. Spray paint is available at any hardware store for about PHP 100-PHP120 for the usual colors. In Divisoria, you can get them for PHP 65-PHP 75. Spray paint cost us PHP 200 =2 bottles for 3 grids.)

3. Plants – (You can start from seeds, but in our case, we just bought 3 kinds of plants from the gardening shops along White Plains, QC: Mayana (the red violet leaves), Cantana (the yellow flowers – one of my faves) and Portulaca or Vietnam Rose. This cost us about PHP 1,080.)

4. Metal Grids – (You can find these at any hardware store, but being avid advocates of recycling and reusing when you can, we re-used these grids from my rabbits’ loft in my mom’s house for this project. I used to have 6 rabbits, and now there’s 2 left, so we have extra grids! Before they became my rabbits’ loft, they were used for bazaars by our friend, and when he stopped doing bazaars, we bought the grids from him.)

5. Drill (for the wall). If you don’t have one, some hardwares in the mall actually have them rented! Pretty cool, eh?:)

Basically, here’s what we did in order:

1. Spray paint the grids and let dry. While it’s drying, drill a hole through the wall for the placement of the grids.

2. Buy then paint the vertical pots.

3. Buy plants and transfer them to the pots.

4. Hang the pots!

It cost us a total of PHP 2,450 for this project, and we couldn’t be happier! The wall to the door of our house is a lot lovelier!

*side grids look like this:

*the middle grid looks like this:

Can’t wait for the Portulacas (Vietnam Roses) to bloom! 🙂

16 comments on “DIY: Vertical Garden”

    • admin Reply

      The vertical pots already come with hooks so you just hang them as is. Just make sure your grid is not too thick so the hooks of the pots will still fit. You can buy the pot first then go to the hardware with it so you can fit it.

    • admin Reply

      Don’t know the name of the street. Hehe we just stumbled upon it kasi when we were on the lookout for party materials. I think it’s still near 168.

  1. minderer Reply

    so cool! shared this to my mom. we’re planting more herbs and replanting the basil (dumami na siya) 🙂

  2. Mina Plomos Reply

    I’ve been thinking about doing a mini garden in our home but I always find it difficult I don’t know where to start. Now, I have an inspiration. So excited to try this. Perfect timing as well because my parents just bought some metal grids for the house and yeah, it looks pale. Thanks for the idea! :_

  3. Ling Reply

    I tried looking for this vertical pot in Divisoria and I can’t seem to find it. Was the store you bought this from is the only supplier of such product? Please give us more info about it. Thank you!

  4. Amiel Reply

    May i ask where else can i buy plastic pots aside from Divisoria? The ones i saw along Katipunan Ave. in White Plains are so expensive. They are selling at P50 each. Or at P45 each for at least a dozen.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Karen Reply

    Where did you get your vertical pots? I would really appriciate if you can point me in thr right direction. I love your hanging garden by the way and I am planning to do the same! 🙂

  6. Marie Reply

    Hi. I just recently heard about your blogs and I enjoyed browsing it. Just have one question, do these kind of plants never grow at all? I just noticed a little gap in between layers. I would definitely wanna try this for my Mom’s garden. Thank you.

  7. Julie Reply

    I’m looking for Heliconias and Ginger plants in Manila. Now that the Manila seedling bank has closed, it’s hard to find the plants I’m looking for.

  8. elena manga Reply

    hi, can i ask the type of material for the pot? looks like an aluminum?does it come it different sizes?

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