Gardening DIY for the Week!

Sharing with you our DIY for the week.

DIY #1 – Watering Cans using our oil and fabric softener containers! I honestly can’t stand those cheap-looking plastic watering cans available at the market today. I’ve been on the lookout for those made of tin/ aluminum and it seems no one’s selling it in Manila anymore. Even palengkes are shifting to plastic! Good thing we saw these containers sitting pretty on our shelf and with a little drilling on the caps (to make small holes), we now have 2 cute watering cans! Best of all, it cost us nothing.

DIY # 2 – Native Basket/ Bag Hanging Garden – While sorting my stuff, I stumbled upon these pieces which I no longer intend to use (or can’t use because a certain part is broken or eaten by my rabbit) and decided it’s best to use them in the garden. They’re too pretty to be thrown away or kept forever in a shelf, so now, they’re hanging on a wall with lovely plants to match them.

forgive this photo – it was gloomy when I took a shot from my phone. will take a better shot and replace this.

This plant was given by my mom with specific instructions not to transfer it to a bigger pot so that I have a mix of small and big plants. It turned out to be the perfect match for this super small basket I purchased from Batanes years back. The pot my mom put it in fits the mini basket perfectly.

It wasn’t actually the first time I put together a mix and match of mismatched items for gardening. This was what we did a few weeks back:

popcorn containers, chopstick bags from a long time ago, a silver-cum-white pail and an ugly pink-turned-white vase make for an interesting match.

DIY # 3 – My favorite gardening DIY is this reading corner I made at a small corner in our house.

This corner is right beside my husband’s “carpentry workshop” so now I can wait for him and read while he works on our furniture.

This reading corner I made for myself is sort of a place for mismatched items as well. The chair was purchased from Albay years ago (look, all the colors are gone!) and when its pair got infested with termites, it became the odd one out in our rumpus. The 4-piece fishing traps I purchased in Bohol years back were displayed in my room and had no place when I moved here in my husband’s house. Luckily, the remaining pots we used as giveaway for our wedding fit the top perfectly! Now, they’re all sitting perfectly in this small, cozy spot.

So, what did I DIY here? Ze pots, of course!

DIY Materials: Pot, Fabric, Latex Paint, Paint Brush, Elmer’s Glue and Popsicle Stick

First thing on the list was to paint my terracotta pots white (to highlight my chosen fabric).

I made sure to purchase at least one traditional color/ weave of each Cordilleran Province.

As much as I love the patterns in vogue today like chevron or Aztec or houndstooth, I believe our country has equally beautiful patterns and for this project, I wanted to highlight that. We went up to Baguio last week so when we visited a weaving center, I made sure to support the weavers and Cordilleran art by purchasing fabrics! It cost me about PHP 1,350 for all the small-strip fabrics I got. On the way home, we passed by Mines View where we purchased a bunch of cacti and other plants.

So with a little over a thousand and a dash of imagination, this is what I came up with:

Foreign Plants in Native Materials

Let’s all hope they grow old and beautiful. I think I’m finally getting a green thumb for real. All thanks to our household genius Daday who’s been patiently helping me and giving me gardening 101.

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  1. Tracy Aquino Reply

    Awesome DIY gardening ideas Paula!!! Ü Looking forward to read your succeeding posts! I love how you incorporate local produce and let yor creative mind create extraordinary outputs with strong character!

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